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Water molecule

Best presenter awarded

The award for best presenter at NORDIWA 2015 has been presented to Ann Mattson at Gryaab in Sweden for her presentation

Quantifying the impact of high flow conditions on some Swedish WWTP’s

The prize for this award is an Amazon Gift Card valued at USD 125, and this has been delivered to Ann along with congratulations from the organizing committee.

NORDIWA 2015—Nordic Wastewater Conference

The Nordic Wastewater Conference has been held every second year in the Nordic countries since 1989. NORDIWA 2015 is organized by Norwegian Water (Norsk Vann), in co-operation with the Danish Water and Wastewater Association (DANVA), the Icelandic Energy and Utilities (Samorka), the Swedish Water and Wastewater Association (Svenskt Vatten), the Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) and NORDIWA.

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The objective of NORDIWA 2015 is to promote and exchange experience, knowledge and skills between the practitioners and scientists within wastewater management and technology in the Nordic countries.

Target audience

NORDIC 2015 is intended for personnel and managers of sewers, water and wastewater plants, consultants, suppliers and contractors in the wastewater sector, and scientists and authorities. The focus of the conference will be on practitioners.