Welcome to NORDIWA 2018


Join us in Oslo 11th to 13th June 2018 for the next Nordic Drinking Water Conference. Our aim is to host a conference that brings you up to date on the latest knowledge in the Nordic water sector and provide you with an opportunity to maintain and create new contacts with your fellow colleagues. This is reflected in the programme in several ways.

The plenary and poster sessions are based on more than 110 abstracts from researchers, municipalities, utilities, consultants and public-sector authorities. In addition, the programme committee has invited speakers to highlight upcoming issues.

The aim of the workshops is to address current issues and topics that require in-depth discussion, in combination with knowledge sharing and experience from different countries.

The social programme, as well as sufficient time for breaks during the day, creates arenas for dialogue and knowledge sharing.

With a conference based on 10 workshops, posters and more than 70 presentations highlighting relevant and interesting topics, the programme committee is confident that you will have three productive days in Oslo.

NORDIWA 2018—Nordic Drinking Water Conference

The Nordic Drinking Water Conference has been held every second year in the Nordic countries since 1989. NORDIWA 2018 is organized by Norwegian Water (Norsk Vann), in co-operation with the Danish Water and Wastewater Association (DANVA), the Icelandic Energy and Utilities (Samorka), the Swedish Water and Wastewater Association (Svenskt Vatten), the Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) and NORDIWA.

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Target audience

NDWC 2018 is aimed at Nordic personnel and managers of waterworks, advisors, consultants, contractors and suppliers in the sector, researchers, scientists and authorities. Participation from the Baltic states is particularly welcome.



The objective of NDWC 2018 is to provide a forum for exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills among practitioners and scientists within the drinking water sector in the Nordic countries and to encourage and stimulate research within this area.